See You In The Abyss

This One Time At Band Camp

Mummy Issues

Super quick recap!

The boat got to the swamp and it was hot wet and stinky! boat man took off because you didnt pay him the dollarydoos and was all F this S!

So you sent poor secretly hates Faev the Dragonborne out to scout and he came back with all the valuable infos regarding where interesting  things were! So the group went out into the swamp forrest, which was wrought with both dangers (that Tunglith skipped over!) and loads and loads and loads of gold for some reason. Holy shit! 

So you get to the bandits house, Scrounger runs in there all adorbs like, and tells you they're all too drunk to notice which holy crap the little guy wasnt even lying for a change!

You guys all got a bit merry and listened to the speech of Sonrahs Mam, the bandit leader:


"The Highlords have been taking advantage over the people for TOO LONG" crowd cheers

"They promise us safety, and yet we still die! They promise us jobs, and yet we and our families are still starving! We need to take matter into our own hands! And take back what is ours! We need to take it back for the people!" crowd cheers

"Tomorrow night, the highlord Fealth-Thas will be Travelling, and I know where! We strike, take from him his gold, and spread it among the people!" croud cheers massively

Everyone rolls a D20, who ever gets the highest overhear that they need to go check on the Goblin in the prizson, but they're not gonna cause they just wanna get drunk.

In the prison Boris is in there, he tells them hes so glad to see them. He's worked so hard to make up for what eh used to be and he's so grateful that you kept him alive that day. Now he has dedicated his life to doing good. And the Bandit leader… full of lies and is actually going to steal all the money for herself, and she had the bandits fooled. He says he has the key to her chambers if you let him out you can go beat her together. Quickly before she leaves for her mission.

They let him out, how do they get through the bandit room without them noticing? Scrounger gets on the stage and be's supergreat!

Get to ladyboss's room but she's not in there, Boris starts searching through the chests and things "where is it?" he hisses. "She should have it!!!" With that two drunken bandits stumble in making out. They realize there's people in there and draw their swords. "Hey it's the prisoner!" they both run over to him. Boris's eyes completely turn black and holds them both by the neck and crushes their wind pipe and drops them lifeless on the floor.

Black smoke starts surrounding him and he turns to face you.

They are unable to hurt him when the Witch hunter haracter jumps on him from behind and stabs him with something. You see in scream and writhe about in agony as his form changes to:


The bandit leader runs in, asking if everyone is ok and asking what happened. She tells them they'll need to go out a back way so that the bandits dont think shes weak for helping you. She takes you out of the back of the room (she opens it by pressing on a brick). She tell you to go in first so she can close it behind them. Bandits start knocking at the door and she tells you to hurry.

You get to a large room full of treasure.

"Wait a minute…"she says to Sonrah "Do I know you?"

Let Jack say whatever he wants.

She lets out a sideways grin as the guy watch her skin slowly turn into red scales and she turnes into a red half dragon

Half way through the fight, Sonrah starts glowing yellow and everyone freezes, she turns back into a human and call for Sonrah to help her, say she's been trapped in side this dragon and hasnt been able to get out. If he comes over to her, she slashes him in the guts and is down to 1 health and paralized.  Nothing heals him.

At the end Sonrahs Crystal starts to glow bright yellow and everyone in the room freezes but him and his mum. He is no longer paralized and you feel strong.

He stands up, lets out a hearty swear and as he is yelling, fire comes out of his throat and completely disintegrates her.

They hear the bandits start to come in once the fights over so they need to grab what they can of the treasure real quick and get out of there. 

Where do they go next? 


Back to boat?


I guess we'll never know, or will we? :D




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