See You In The Abyss

More goddamned tests

but we meet a sexy lady though!

The guys came back from their flashback feeling super great. They were in another square room with a door at the end. The door had a lever that was locked! There were a bunch of foot switches on the floor though! Levi the Knight took it upon himself to go step on one and see waht happens and was hit by a swarm of little piders who bitedied him. Be he and the others squished the shit out of the poor little bitey pals.

Then Griswald thought he'd try a tile. And BIGGER spiders came! With BIGGER little bitey teetch! Levi/Gris/Son/TT made light work of those guys too and decided that they may as well just all step on the switches at the same time seeing as how there was the same number of switches as people. When they did that they heard the door unlock. Went up to pull the lever and the door opened to a little room with another door. That door was locked until the closed themselves in the room. It's arty, and I stole it from another game. but shh.

Anywho, into the next room, they came across a little thingy with a rose floating atop it, and a matching thingy at the end of the room near the door with the lever! Anytime they took 2 steps holding the rose it would wilt and die. They tried throwing it at eachother but anytime it went past that second step it just died.

The walls started glowing and said "a burden shared is a burden halved" or something similar, and they decided to make a little people chain of love and pass the rose to eachother. WHICH WORKED! click the door unlocked and once again they had to shut themselves in the room to unlock the way out.

The next room was the same as the first one with "know yourselves know each other" on there, but it also had the floor button thingies! There was an alphabet on the wall and it was great! The guys liked to touch the wall a lot, and I'm not sure why, but it was definitely a thing! Every 2 minutes one of them would disappear and would only come back when someone spoke their name. Eventually they stood on the buttons in the order of their name letters and the door unlocked and once again everything was great. Including Bender. He's so great.

So this time they go through the door and close themselves in bu WHAT! It doesnt unlock the otherside and they've kinda locked themselves in! BOO. Except they could go back out the way they came in and that was fine. Except it was now a big blank open space of NOTHINGNESS.

they walked out there and Orcs fell down from nowhere, knocking out Aricyra and attacking everyone. You jerks made way to short work out of them though so I made you fight some undead horsies instead, and nooooo, you smashed the shit out of them too! SO!

Ari starts to wake up and you guys are all stricken with fear for what seems like no raisin, when you hear the flap flap flappy of giant dragon wings. Aris eye bulge out of her super sexy face and she screams RUUUUUNNNNNN! and down comes a blue Dragon! RAAAAAARRR. He lands on Ari and tears her to peices! EEWW GORE

Everyone runs as fast as they can, Grissy just having little Dwarf legs cant run all that fast and the dragon smacks him aside, then he catches Levi, Then Tunglith gets knocked down, and the dragon pounces on lands on top of Sonrah, pinning him to the floor. She snarls "I will let you go, as long as you leave your friends with me to do with what I will. If you try and save them, I will kill you ALL!" To which, our hero, responded, SCREW YOU I'M STAYING WITH MY FRIENDS!. And the Blue Dragon reared up ready to tear him limb from limb. She took off majestically into the sky and 'POOF'! she turned into a giant majestic silver dragon!

She slowly descended to the ground and as the dust flew up around her, the guys all gathered round to see that she was actually the hottest of hot ladies in the world. And also she had a flute. That might have just been the mini, or it might be important. I have no yet decided :P Anywho! She lifted her arms and everyone was healed of what ailed them.

She said "I'm so sorry for putting you through that, and for the lack of hospitality! I just had to make sure you were the ones"

She held her hands out again, her eyes rolled into the back of her head and Levi, TT, Sonrah and Griswald all floated into the air chest first. A Crystal appeared on their chests

Levi = Blue
Sonrah = Yellow
Griswald = Red 
TT = Green

They slumped back down onto the floor. Exhausted they felt that same strange pulling sensation in their guts and POP they were gonded.

"I have an important mission for you" echoed in their brain-holes.



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