See You In The Abyss

Llllllllllets go Shopping!!!!

Ahh how the memory fades, I need to do the recaps sooner :P But anyway! I believe after we ran away from the swamp, stuffing our pockets with dragon loot, we ran back to the boat, who was for some reason still there. He managed to try and extort you for a nice mount of money, and then BAM you were back in Solace. Where you loved to be. Of course back at the Inn of The Last Home, eating Otiks Spiced Potatos and relaxing near the fire. A few sideways glances at the party with two half dragon looking people, but Otik was cool with it, so so were they.

So lets play around with our treasure! Scrounger, of course, with glee, was super excited about the treasures!

On the boat ride back, fiddlebum took out his shiny new lute and played a tune, those who listened couldnt help but dance and Fiddles performance was flawless. But afterwards, well he he felt so tired that his abilities in everything else werent so great.

Our new friend Haet Mayan who turned out to be a sexy female Mayan, tried on a beaauutiful necklace that seemed to be magical, but ended up trying to autoerotically asphyxiate her. But as far as we all can remember, Tunglith totally tore it off her neck before she lost conciousness. Miss Mayan decided to keep it for a rainy day.

Faeveraux got himself a Rusty Spoon

Tunglith Got A Sword that she reaaaaly doesnt wanna let go of

Levi got lots of gold

Sonrah got a cool ass sheild

And Scrounger filled his/her little pockets full of 700 SP (cause they were the shiniest)

Once in town we all went shopping which was all fun, except this one poor guy couldnt sell you things because he was too poor from helping sick kids or something. I cant remember what happened, you guys were lovely and paid full price or something, i dont know, I was drunk on champagne and Russian accents, what do you want :P

And I'm pretty sure you guys bought some cool stuff that I hope you wrote down cause apparently I didnt! And then you went to bed or something! THE END

Now, where to next :)





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