See You In The Abyss

Epsiode 2: The Legend of the Knights

Dayman.. aaahhhhh

The dudes work up in jail with a kender going through their stuffs.


“Well you shouldnt just leave your stuff lying around like that, you should could your lucky stars that I found it when I did otherwise someone might have stolen it! But dont worry I’ve got your back! Do you like this jail? Solamnia is one of my most favourite jails! I stay here every time I come to Solamnia! Do you like Solamnia? You must like the jail to be sleeping in it like that! Do you always sleep like that? You were making awfully strange noises out of your nose while you were sleeping. It was quite hard to sleep with all that racket going on. Maybe next time try not sleeping on your face? it is a very strange way to sleep! It reminds me of a time when”


The companions asked the Kender questions to which the Kender answered most Kenderly ( and therefore was super unhelpful, but adorable!) He did demonstrate his ability to walk in and out of the bars, and his love for being held up by the collar by TT!


Suddenly, the sexiest most charming man swaggers in all cowboy like. Jason Corillian, he gets them to let you out and takes you to a pub.


He explains you were in jail because they found you all out asleep in the fields and assume you were drunks. He explains he is Saras (dragon lady’s) ‘partner’ if you know what I mean (the hammer is my penis) and that she needs their help.


He lets you know about the 4 knights, entrusted with an important mission to keep the evil God Queen Takhisis in the Abyss where she belongs. Each knight has the same crystals as you guys. Apparently they are in the same family bloodline as ya'll.

"They were pulled away by some form of magic too powerful for me to understand wink I leave that up to Sara. It’s made it so their spiritual self has been separated from their physical self, and their spirits must be freed in order to stop the evil god Takhisis from getting into this realm."


Scrounger pulls out a map and tells them where Sara said she spotted some feels of one of these there Knight spirits.


"There’s this place here called Darken Wood, it sounds scary, but its really cool! but I’ve never been, but Sara said she sensed one of them was there! I know everything about Darken Wood ask me anything!"


(No one asked him anything)


However Nathan, uh, Jason Corrillian supplied ya'll with travelling supplies enough for you to travel there.


Jason says hes not going cause hes a bard and he needs to shine his… flute ;) he doesnt get his hands dirty. Sara likes him looking nice ;)


Before you go through he tells ya about the woods, and how dangerous they are, and that there is a Forestmaster beautiful Unicorn there that will look after ya.


Then basically we travelled, TT ate something that made her DM forget about not letting her turn into things that were too high level, and you guys kicked mega major ass.


Coming up to the boat, Scrounger was already there, saying his Wizard friend 'wooshed' him. He says hes driving, you guys agreed that would be a great idea :P and all hopped on to le boaty boat boat boat.





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