See You In The Abyss

A Meeting with a God

And back to Solace for a pint

On the way to Solace, the new friends walk through the forest, which now looks a lot more friendly. Suddenly the bush starts to get thicker and thicker until eventually it's pitch black. The floor beneath your feet becomes solid, and you start to be able to see the stars even though they were just domed over by the trees.

Griswalds hammer begins to glow, and everyone can see that you're all standing on a platform in the middle of space. You can hear a rhythmic clanging of metal on metal.

Using his glowing hammer (not his penis) as a torch, Griwald shines it towards the sound. (Again, not his penis). You see a giant Dwarf look up from his weaponmaking. HIs presence, so commanding that the group falls to one knee in respect.

Reorx walks over to the group.

He stops by Griswald

"I like your hammer" he said with a wink. Griswald, too overwhelmed to speak, Grips the hammer tight to his chest. Eyes wide, trembling. 

Reorx lets out a ground shaking belly laugh.

"Seriously though, it's mine, and I need it back"

Griswald clings to the hammer, out of fear both of Reorx, and of losing the hammer.

Reorx goes to take it from him by force and is zapped away by the magic from the hammer.

"So, its too late! The power has already corrupted you!" Though booming, Reorxs voice was low and solemn. 

"It hasnt corrupted me!" Griswald yells. "You just cant have my hammer!"

"What if I told you the fate of the world depends on it."

Griwald shakes his head and clings tenaciously to the hammer.

"Then you leave me no choice. As I cant take it from you by force, I will have to kill your friends, one by one til you give it to me"

The group, looking on, mortified at Griswals behaviour, plead with him to give the hammer up.

"I dont care. Kill them. You're not getting my hammer!"

Reorx turns to the group "I'm sorry guys, the importance of this hammer is just too great. I dont want to hurt you, I dont want to hurt any of you, but if I dont get this hammer back, so many people will die."

Griswald, becoming angered by this, turns to his once allies and growls. "dont you dare try and take it from me either" 

Griswals swings at them, they quickly surround him and beat him into submission. Reorx intervening before he is killed. With extreme compassion, Reorx puts his hand over Griswalds crystal. Griswald thrashed around, fighting it with every last inch of his energy. His face changing shape with every scream until he had the body of a Draconian.

Reorx turns to the companion, "Thank you, you have saved, everyone. I'm so sorry about your friend. He's still alive, it just that the corruption changed him somehow. I removed as much of it as I could but as you can see, it's changed him. He wont remember anything. Will you give him another chance?"

With that, he dissapears and the companions are back in the forrest.

Asking their new friend Favereaux what he remembered, the companions briefly explained their situation and warily let took him with them to Solace.

In Solace, their new Lizard-like companion was getting a lot of fearful looks, even with his groucho marx disguise kit on. At the bar they see their old friend Otik, the very sexy Mr Jason Corillian who little scrounger was of course very happy to see, and a lot of delicious spiced potatoes. 

Jason Corillian comically slides over to the group. "I hear your talking about me" He winks and thumbs himself. "Yes, yes its me" holds his arms out for adoration

"Looks like you did a great job! I bet that camping gear i gave ya made all the difference! Hey new people!  So! a few things! First of all, pulls out map Sara says that the next Crystal guy thingy is in here. Icereach, and you're gonna need some transport there. Now, the best and basically only way you can get there is on Griffin back. Now, Griffins, fickle creatures, will only speak to Elven royalty. BUT thanks to yours truly, I have this little doohicky which calls them straight to you for one favour. I've got it right….its right…. feels in pockets. Shit… so you'll need to go to see the speaker of the sun, or the speaker of the moon, and get them to call the Griffins for you.

The group discussed it and decided that they wanted to go and save Boris. The guys who had been here before went and said hi to Otik the bartender to ask about poor Boris.

Otik let sthem know that Boris ended up becoming a real upstanding little goblin. He's actually become a little bit of an activist and his lastest conquest was of the bandit leader who was said to be manipulating her bandit group into doing her bidding. 

Sonrah, enraged at this, demands Otik tell him where the bandit camp him, which he happily obliges.

"Westguard, the Great Swamp. You'll need to take a boat."

The companions all travel across to the boat and meet a nice man that will take them across, for a fee. 

But where do they go when they get there? its time for THIS ONE TIME AT BANDIT CAMP!



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