See You In The Abyss

Episode 1: The Test of Knowledge

...and other subsequent tests... shuttup

Tunglith Tunglith, a half orc was lying in the grass stringing flowers together for the animals to wear as hats. Telling them tales of how shes always wanted to meet a fairy, that she knows they exist, and one day she will be best friends with one! "I'm going to be best buds with a fairy some day!" she would say.

Unbeknownst to her, at the exact same time, in a place far far away, a human ranger was practising with his bow out in a field, (drunk off his face, but still hittin' the bullseye!) a Dwarf was sharpening his axe, a Knight was polishing his… armour.

Suddenly, simultaneously, they all dropped to their knees holding their stomachs in agony. Assuming they had just eaten a terrible curry, they each felt their bodies lift off the ground and with a resounding 'pop'. They all disappeared from their respective whereaboutses.

A cold dark bricked room with no doors or windows stood quiet in a place unrecognisable. No ceiling to be seen, was it too tall? Or where there no stars? Or was it too dark?

Suddenly 'pop'! The new companions all face planted elegantly onto the stone cold floor of where ever the crap this was.

"Where they crap is this?" I assume they thought as they stood up rubbing their face holes.

"and who the crap are these other guys?" I also assume they thought. They never said it, but its times like these you need to read between the lines!

The 6 of them looked around, albeit bewildered, at the room. There was enough light to see that there were depictions of times of old on the walls, "know yourself, know eachother" is written in glowy glwolyness on the walls. Depictions of the great dragon wars with a Gold dragon fighting a blue one, the 3 moons representing the good, evil, and neutral gods.

Over in the corner a podium stood glowing, letting its self be known that it was the only thing in the room. Where you'd think there's be a door, there was a door shaped archway with 6 globes surrounding it.

Everyone being too frightened to speak, no one knew what to do, but dwarfs, always too proud to show any emotional weakness, walked right up to the podium and grabbed the stick floating atop it. The stick started to glow as he held it and words appeared reading "Who are you?".

"I am Griswald Fellblade" he said and one of the globes started to glow, but them dimmed out again. "I am Griswald Fellbalde, son of Grimlock Fellblade, from the clan Mccloud." Suddely, a low pitch note played and the globe became fully lit. And the stick lost its glow.

The drunken ranger stumbled up to the stick and Griswald handed it over. "I hic am Sonrah Thaetonnnnn, shhon of Tonrah hic Thaeton, and I want a panda!" He said. Again, the low pitch note and another globe was that.

The shiny golden knight stepped up to Sonrah and reached out for the stick to be passed to him. "I am Levi Kaotis, son of Illandra and Doug Kaotis, I am of noble blood" bong another globe lit.

He then passed the stick to a red skinned girl who was just picking herself up from her glorious time in faceplantland. "who are you people? Where are we?" Levi gave her a look to say "how TF would I know" and explained what to do with the stick. "I am Aricyra, I dont know who my parents are they threw me away" bong another globe lit.

The new friends all look at each other, beyond confused. They give each other an unspoken nod, and all walk through. (Are nods ever really spoken though?)

The door slides shut behinds them and disappears turning back into the stone wall it once. Oooooh. Creepy.




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