See You In The Abyss

Blast from the Past!

an impromptu session! but totes cannon

During their trip through the door. Tunglith Tunglith, Sonrah Levi and Griswald had one of those super cool anime flashes as they passed through. You know the ones that just shows like a lightning bolt and a close up of their eyes widening? Yeah those ones. So they had an anime flash and they all remembered that they may have already met… long long ago.
cue wobbly lines to indicate flashback
Griswald was playing his lute and singing songs pretending he was a bard,to try and convince the locals that Reorx was very much still among them, and was doing a pretty convincing job! All the while, at the same time, Sonrah was onto his 20th drink but still managing to somehow keep all his faculties. Perhaps he's like Fry and 100 ales will actually give him super powers? We may never know.
Tunglith Tunglith walked in, having just sold her organic fruits and veg in the marketplace, and eager to eat up a storm! She ordered a plate of The Inn of The Last Home's famous Spiced Potatoes, which she ate with relish.
Levi sat in the corner drinking some ale in silence.
Suddenly a record scratch noise happened and the Tavern went silent as a Baaz draconian walked through the door. Brown scales adorned his lizard face. His clawed feet scratched on the wooden floor as he screeched "Give me the blue crystal staff! I'm going to fuck your skulls!", at which point Tunglith Tunglith looked up, spiced potato residue caking up on the sides of her mouth and exclaimed "Dude! I'm trying to eat here!". With this he glared in her general direction. (salutes General Direction!) and took a couple of steps in. With this the patrons and staff ducked for cover over tables and chairs and behind the bar and quivered in fear! They all knew to stay away from stinky Draconians.
All except our 4 gallant heros. Sonrah, acting as drunk as he could so as to disarm the Draconian, staggers up to him opened armed for a hug and is answered with a swift shove to the shoulders sending him flying across to bar. With extra quick reflexes Tunglith Tunglith, potato in one hand, reaches out and snatches Sonrah from the sky and plonks him safely on the floor. "Why thank you!" Sonrah exclaims. "No big" says TT and continues munching on her potato like its an apple.
The gallant Dwarf marched right up to the Draconian and asked him to leave. "You DARE address MEEEE?" the Draco hissed right when Griswald swang swiftly at his face with his sword. Only to find that he forgot how to aim and completely missed. Sonrah, always by Griswald's side, flew to his defense and tried to smack the draconian with his (shit Jack I've forgotten what you use! So I'll just say) penis! But Jacks turkeyslap missed the draco too. TT stood up, walked up to the scuffle, potato in hand, and said "Hey, buddy, the staffs no here wanna like, just head home? There's no need for fighting!" And for a minute there, he actually considered it. For a draconian to be influenced by this half orc, well, he was enfuriated and lashed out at Griswald. Deftly, he deflected the beasts claws (or the draco missed, who really knows ;) ) and with an epic over the top spinning slashing swirl, he impaled the Draconian, kicking him off his sword before he had the chance to do, as Draconians so love to do, their dying death throw. This, in the Baazs case, is turning to stone. Which, for some reason, we have decided that his skull stayed solid and did not turn to dust and will forever be a trophy in this inn. Also, I forgot to mention, the Knight did a bunch of cool stuff too!
I know, the question you are all wondering, can you loot a pile of dust? The answer is yes, yes you can.
BUT!!! Before anyone could loot anything! 4 blind goblins came trundling in after their superior draconian officer. They weren't actually blind, it just kinda rolls off the tongue nice! Their names, which we knew because of their nametags, were Boris, Tauris, Dorris and Forrest.
BACK TO THE ACTION. In some sort of amazing beautiful syncronized motion, our 4 friends made short work of the crazy goblins. Griswald holding one down and tying him up for interrogation.
Boris was not super forthcoming with the information, and ended up being 0 help at all, no matter what form of intimidation or persuasion our heros used. Hey, maybe he just wasnt all that bright? Not all evil people are masterminds I suppose :P TT tried to convince Boris that becoming their butler would be a far far better conclusion to his story to having his head exploded by Griswald, but, you know, as previously mentioned, Goblins arent always that bright.
But good Griswald took pity on our young Boris, and instead handed him over to Otik, the owner of this establishment. Who took him over and said "I know just what to do with this guy" and they all waved a hearty goodbye and left the shop after Tunglith probably stopped to help clean up. She's so lovely.
And back through the door they went. and…. WAVY LINES THAT MEAN END FLASHBACK!
Back into the next room of the Dungeon!



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